The 7 Benefits of Paving Your Driveway with Asphalt

Your driveway is one of the most important parts of your property. It’s the path to your home and it’s used constantly, every day of the week.  Cars and trucks park on it, people walk on it, and it’s widely considered part of the home’s aesthetic appeal.  Like anything else however, the driveway requires maintenance.  Depending on the material, a new driveway can be costly, which is why we recommend paving your driveway with asphalt.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Paving

  • Asphalt Is Cheaper Than Concrete

Asphalt costs $2.50 – $4.00 per square foot, while concrete costs $4.00 – $6.00 per square foot.  Do the math.  If you have a large driveway, you save a lot of money by opting for asphalt pavement.

  • Installation is Fast

A good driveway paver can install an asphalt driveway in a couple hours.  While it does require a professional contractor to do it, that’s fast.

  • Maintenance Requires Resealing Every Few Years

Unless the driveway experiences damage from an event, such as a tree falling on it, you’re unlikely to have to make any sizeable repairs.  In order to properly maintain asphalt, you simply need to reseal the driveway every few years.  With vehicles driving over the surface and changes in weather patterns, the pavement will experience small cracks.  Sealing these is enough to keep the surface in great shape for at least 15 years.

  • Asphalt Doesn’t Crack in Freezing Temperatures

Upstate New York, and Albany in particular, experiences warm summers and freezing winters.  Although concrete is generally considered more durable than asphalt, it cracks in freezing temperatures, while asphalt does not.  Asphalt driveway paving is the best option in Albany because of the local weather.  Your driveway’s pavement needs to withstand cold winters, snow, and ice.  The only potential issue with asphalt is overheating, which can soften the surface.  However, Albany’s high temperatures don’t generally go above 90 degrees, so this isn’t a concern.

  • Your Property Value Increases

An asphalt driveway is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the property value of your home.  In addition to making the property more aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible, your home’s sale price could jump up to $10,000 simply by having a new driveway.

  • Asphalt Is Safe for Vehicles and People

When asphalt is paved, the surface is very smooth.  There are no rocks sticking out and there’s no chance of anything striking vehicles that drive on it, as long as the surface has cured before its first use.  The driveway surface is also safe for pedestrians to walk on because it minimizes trip hazards and siphons off excess water due to its slope.  In the wintertime, the dark colored pavement absorbs sunlight, helping to melt snow and ice faster than on other surfaces.  Add some rock salt to the driveway and you’re back to normal in no time.

  • Fixing a Small Hole or Crack is a Breeze

If you have some small cracks or a hole that you need to repair, fixing them is easy with asphalt.  Drive over to your local hardware store, such as Home Depot, pick up some quick dry asphalt and patch it yourself with a trowel.  If there’s extensive damage, you may have to reseal it instead.